Scott Limmer

Since the early days of TV, there have been many lawyer-themed shows. From “Perry Mason” to “L.A. Law” to “Boston Legal” to today’s “Grinder.”  But rarely has a show focused on a character like Saul Goodman in AMC’s “Better Call Saul” a spinoff of “Breaking Bad.”   In it, Bob Odenkirk plays a small time criminal defense solo practitioner who goes into and then out of Big Law while trying to get his own practice going. In this podcast, Scott and Oscar talk about many of the issues the show raises about lawyering itself. The various episodes highlight the good and bad differences between solo/small firm life and Big Law; legal marketing; realistic ethical dilemmas; and hustling for clients. In the podcast, the hosts encourage listeners to watch the show and to take away from it some very important messages to building a law practice. None as important as being authentic to who you are and to providing value to your clients.

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