Scott Limmer

Podcast Host Scott shared his experience from a yoga retreat that he went on with his wife this past weekend. He was struck by the genuineness and authenticity of the instructors and how applicable it was to the practice of law. The hosts reflect on how their earlier episodes focused on work-life balance and the need to find time to contemplate your attitude and your law practice. One’s attitude totally affects how one views their work. Scott said the main theme of the weekend that he took away was the need to connect to yourself and others. The hosts talk about how people are reared to kind of belittle or not value connection when in fact making connections is the first step to a relationship with clients and referral partners. “Listening” as opposed to “talking at” people is one important step in building your practice. Another take-away from the weekend was that each yoga instructor had their own individualized website that participants could review. That made it easier to get some detailed information about the instructor’s philosophy and approach. Oscar and Scott then talked about how that same method can work for lawyers in developing their own websites to make them more client-centric and more individualized to your practice and clientele. It’s important to remember that we can learn a lot about how to improve our practices by looking for guidance and insight outside the area of law.


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