Scott Limmer

Maybe you are “in-between” jobs right now. Maybe you graduate law school and can’t find work. Maybe you are stuck in a dead-end job and not practicing the kind of law you would like to practice. Well, maybe you can do something about it besides just sending out resumes and cover letters. This episode looks at ways you can make the most of this “down time” you may be experiencing. The hosts suggest a variety of ways that you can enhance the possibility of you getting that job you want or practicing the kind of law you want to practice. A few of the suggestions:

  • Look for per diem or contact work through such websites as
  • Find an interesting case in the newspaper in the area of law you want to explore and watch the trial
  • Write a law-related article for your local newspaper or your blog if you have one
  • Go through your Bar Association or Law School to look for a mentor in the field you want to pursue

The point of the program is that doing one, or some or even all of these things doesn’t guarantee that you will get the job you are looking for, but it will increase your odds and it will help you gain insight into the field and become a better candidate. You have to take the initiative to find avenues to get you where you want to go.

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