Scott Limmer

Scott starts off this podcast talking about a lawyer he met at a conference who afterward sent him a book her grandmother wrote about Atlantic City (which is where the lawyer practices). The book was accompanied by a small note and the lawyer’s business card. That story began a discussion about the importance of following up and following through on connections you make as you meet potential clients and referral partners. Even something as simple as sending out holiday cards should be done with thought and focus on who you want to reach out to and perhaps adding a personal note in at least some of the cards. Talking about holiday cards led the podcast hosts to discuss how all tasks you undertake to market your practice and grow your business needs to be focused and targeted. Before starting this podcast, the hosts set out to determine the costs (financial and time-wise) associated with the endeavor. Scattershot marketing or advertising without focus and follow up will just having money flowing out the door with no return.

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  1. Paul Damato says:

    So enjoyed listening to your comments about my daughter and law partner Alexa Damato Barrera and my mother’s book CHANCE OF A LIFETIME. Paul Damato

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