Scott Limmer

Oscar opens the show telling a story about how he happened to run into a long-lost relative while traveling in Chile. He came across his relative because he was engaging some local folks in conversation and one thing led to another. The hosts talk about lawyers need to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunity. You make your own luck – by having an open mind and always having a business-oriented perspective, opportunities will come your way. Take the chance- reach out to people, set up meetings, have lunch, coffee, – run ideas by them, ask them about their business, run things by each other you never know where it will go. We are so often in contact with people who can help us in our practice but we walk past them every day because we won’t take that first step. The main point is that you can’t wait for opportunity to knock on your door, you have to have the initiative and take a chance to go and get it yourself.

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