Scott Limmer

It’s the hardest thing about the practice of law as a solo or in a small firm – getting properly compensated for your time. But it’s also the secret to having a quality practice that you don’t resent.

In this episode, Oscar and Scott discuss some of the reasons why clients balk at paying and what lawyers can do to make sure that the bills you send out come back with checks. While it once again boils down to maintaining the two core principles at the heart of what we always talk about – authenticity and value – the hosts offer some concrete tips and suggestions to keep your balance sheet on the upside.

  • Set expectations early – about fees, billing and communication
  • Have a properly drafted, clear retainer agreement
  • Communicate regularly about fees and about the matter they’ve entrusted to you
  • Provide detailed and easy-to-read bills
  • Don’t allow yourself to fall too far behind

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