Scott Limmer

In response to a listener email from a law student who asked “Would the podcast hosts go to law school if they could do it all over again?,” Scott and Oscar give the proverbial lawyer’s answer “It Depends.” They discuss their answer to that question in detail and also talk about the state of the current marketplace for lawyers. The hosts point out that they would definitely go to law school again at the same price and with the same student loan debt they did when they went, but would have to think hard about taking on $250K in debt to go now. They discuss that due to the current market (better but still not great) folks should only go to law school if they can (a) get into a top tier school or (b) get into a middle level tier school with little or no debt.

The easy answer to the question posed is that they both would not go again if they could only get into a lower tier school and receive no tuition assistance or scholarships. If listeners find themselves in the latter situation, the hosts discuss that they need to put everything aside to graduate near the very top 1% while simultaneously networking to have valuable internships and connections during your law school career. In conclusion, the host recommend NOT going to law school if you are doing it as a “default” or want to “hope for the best” thinking maybe the market will turn around. While both Scott and Oscar enjoy their practices in today’s world, the field of law is a much different place and law students need to know that extra effort, planning and energy is required to be successful upon graduation.

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