Scott Limmer

Scott and Oscar continue their discussion about lawyers having to adjust to the new paradigm. Oscar mentions a friend who needed to refer a family member to a lawyer and who was flabbergasted that their family member had chosen lawyer they found over the internet. It raised a discussion about how lawyers need to be aware that some folks still frown upon using the Web to locate counsel. So we need to make sure our websites are professional and explain why we may be the right choice regardless of how our clients found us.

The hosts also discuss personal experiences with networking and “talking about themselves” in different situations. While we highly recommend you follow the advice on our previous episodes about how to set up a great website and how to take advantage of networking opportunities, listeners need to remember that some people will not be open to this new method of building a law practice. The hosts provide some tips on how to best use your web presence and your networking opportunities to build real relationships with people who will become clients or referral partners.

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