Scott Limmer

Scott and Oscar discuss some recent encounters with lawyers that make for good examples of Dos and Don’ts to rebuilding your practice. On the “Do” side – Scott references a lawyer who used social activism to help develop business leads and eventually a successful law practice. On the Don’t side, Oscar discusses a lawyer who was lamenting that his practice was dying and he had no idea where business was going to come from; meanwhile, Oscar had afterwards met a mutual friend of theirs who was a great source for legal work that the “lamenter” never approached because he just didn’t think it would lead to anything.  Back on the “Do” side, the host discuss making use of your down time perhaps by writing articles and getting published in the many legal blogs, magazines, etc that are always looking for content. On the Don’t side, – don’t put your practice in someone else’s hands by going for cheap marketing and advertising ploys. The point is that the main “Don’t” is “Don’t just sit there” and the main “Do” is “Do something!”

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