Scott Limmer

Wouldn’t it be great if we won every motion, every trial, and every case? Or if we went through our entire legal career without ever making a mistake? Sure, but that’s just not realistic. If you make an error on a case or if you just did not get the outcome your client expected how do you deal with it? The podcast hosts not only discuss your need to be honest and direct with your client to meet your ethical obligations, but they also talk about how coming clean with your client will relieve your stress about the case. Having a good history of communication with the client; keeping them informed about the case; and managing their expectations from the outset and along the way will make it easier to handle these crises when they arise. Deliver the news in person or over the phone as soon as you can and plan on what you are going to say – write it out if necessary, that often makes it easier. The main point is that quick and direct communication of what happened is critical.

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