Scott Limmer

Oscar gets the discussion going this week talking about what he learned from a review of old files from his prior firm that had been in storage in his house for the past seven years.  In talking about it with Scott, he discusses what he should have been able to see about his practice and its marketing efforts had he paid attention. That leads to the hosts talking about the need to be mindful and to analyze what you are doing in your marketing efforts. Don’t just keep trying new things without putting in the effort of looking at what you have done before and what worked and didn’t. When starting a new marketing effort, don’t do it unless have you thought about:


  • Who am I trying to reach? Leads? Referral partners? Paying clients? All of the above?
  • Will this plan reach them?
  • Will this content be meaningful to them?
  • How much will it cost and I can I carry it if it is unsuccessful?
  • How long do I need to run the campaign for me to be satisfied that I have given it the full time that it needs?

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