Episode 29 – How Scott is Developing a Niche Practice

Join Oscar and Scott this week as they discuss the process Scott went through to add the niche practice area of College Disciplinary Law to his legal practice. Listen to find out how Scott determined if this was a viable practice area. Here are some of the considerations you must evaluate when looking to add a practice area to your law practice;

– Is there a need/market for the niche?

– Is this practice area an authentic extension of my practice and of myself?

– Can I provide value for clients?

– How will you get clients in this area?- Do you have the time you have to put in?

– Do you have a passion for this area?

– Do you have the skills or is there a steep learning curve?

– Can you distinguish yourself in this new area?

We will check in with Scott from time to time to see how the practice is progressing and discuss the challenges he faces.