Scott Limmer

The podcast hosts discuss how using presentations to groups have helped develop their practice. For those lawyers who try cases, speaking in front of groups may be second nature but trying a case and talking to a group about the law are very different things. You need to have a different mindset – come at it from a point of not just delivering information but for development of business. The hosts talk about how to get opportunities to appear before various trade and legal groups as well as public libraries all of which are dying to get speakers -so why not you?  Once you get the gig, make sure your content is accurate and helpful.

Practice your presentation and time it to see how long it actually takes you because you want to use up the time properly. You need to prepare so that your confidence level is high when you make the presentation. Don’t forget that you want to come across as a confident expert in the area you are discussing. So much like trial, preparation and practice is key. Giving presentations is a nice way to get your name out there and get before an audience of potential clients and potential referral partners.

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