Scott Limmer

Time management is the biggest issue for solo or small practice lawyers. We have to be lawyers, mangers, paralegals, accountants, marketing experts, all at the same time. The podcast host talk about using the new “gig’ or “share” economy to help take some of the load off of you so that you can spend more time on job #1 – developing and growing your practice. In today’s economy more people are looking for this type of work and there are plenty of sites where lawyers can find the extra help they need on a case-by-case or project-by-project. The host talk about the thought processes involved in deciding what can be outsourced and what must be done by your personally. Scott and Oscar talk about some of the tasks they have outsourced:

  • Developing graphics for the firm’s website
  • Routine court appearances
  • Crafting design of cards and brochures
  • Transcription of the podcast

Remember the goal of this is to allow you spend more time in practice development!



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