Scott Limmer

Scott and Oscar continue their discussion with Sage Presence founders Peter Machalek and Dean Hyers by delving into presentations. Presentations are a vital way to meet potential clients and referral partners. The guys at Sage suggest a number of ways to make yourself comfortable to do these: First of all, pick a topic that you are very knowledgable about and in which you can develop valuable information to provide to your audience. Then try to populate the session with people who know you and former clients.  Remember that you need to provide value to the group so leave time for a question and answer period. Then practice your presentation several time to gain confidence – and practice making eye contact and speaking clearly in scenarios where you interact with others. Pete and Dean conclude by talking about the value of coaching and how coaches can help lawyers develop the skills necessary to connect with new clients. Dean and Tom can be found at where you will find tips and strategies as well as a few short videos that explain what they do and how they can help.

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