Scott Limmer

A recent NY times article about Howard Stern discussed how he used a life coach to change the focus of his show and kind of “reboot” his format to make him more open to a larger audience. Jumping off that as a talking point Scott and Oscar discuss how they used David Allen’s time management book “Getting Things Done” to help organize their practices. Whether you use “GTD” or a life coach or any other system, the important thing is to plan your practice. You have to make choices daily as to what action you are going to take; how much time do you have to do it; how much energy do you have to do it; and what are the priorities. You have to find a way to get yourself motivated to change the course of your practice and sometimes having a third party getting involved can provide that motivation. The practice of law does not let you sit idly by: you have to take charge of the various tasks required by the practice and the opportunities available to grow the practice. Do whatever it is that you think will help you get there and stick with it.

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