Scott Limmer

As the popular book “The E-Myth” teaches us, you must be the craftsman, manager and the entrepreneur and none of those positions can be neglected.  However, you must also be careful that paying too much attention to one role can be very impactful on the practice overall.  The problem most often arises when the things you put into place force you to put more time into the craftsman phase of your legal practice. You have to consider what can be out-sourced or delegated to others. Delegation of course requires you to then shift time to the manager side of the practice. The other answer is to find ways to organize your time carefully and realizing that your growing practice may have to encroach on what you had previously scheduled as “free time.” Legal technology can be helpful in finding this balance as there are numerous programs for practice management that can save you time and money. You have to always be mindful and vigilant of how these three parts of your practice are being handled to make sure that your law practice is operating properly


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