Scott Limmer
This week we talk about tried and true big business ideas that you can use for your solo or small practice. Scott read a few business books and he and Oscar talk about how to apply the methods he learned about to your practice.
They discuss the following books;
The E Myth by Michael Gerber
The E-Myth discusses the differing, oftentimes conflicting, roles of a business owner as he must take on the duties of the entrepreneur, technician and manager of their small business. Scott and Oscar agree that you must wear many hats as a business owner and you must put time and effort into ll aspects of your practice.
Traction by Gino Wickman
What Scott took away from Traction is that the key to growing your business is to plan. Create a Vision statement. Identify Core processes. Create Measurable priorities.
Zero to One by Peter Theil
There were two points in in Zero to One that resonated with Scott. The author wrote about the need to run your business like a franchise. Create systems so that your business could run without you. The author also discussed how secrets fuel businesses. Oscar and Scott discussed determining the secrets you know and translating it into value you can give to a client.

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