Scott Limmer

Things have been changing in the field of law for some time now but lawyers seem to be stuck in the past. As a group, lawyers tend to be conservative and slow to change. But if you are trying to survive and thrive in this new paradigm, you need to adapt your practice to the changing ways and the new competition. Scott and Oscar talk about how to make sure you are aware of what the issues are and how your practice needs to change and adapt. Clients today have certain expectations before they even meet you through their research on the internet and place high value on the information they find on the internet. What does the internet say about your practice area? What does the internet say about you? These are two questions you need to make sure point to why you would be a good choice for their legal needs. And more importantly, clients will also want to see from your web presence that you are up to date technologically-wise. Make sure you remain authentic to your story but at the same time project a current, modern look and feel that will make clients feel comfortable choosing you to be their lawyer.

One Response to “Episode 70 Lawyers Need to Adjust to the New Paradigm”

  1. Adam Shahaf says:

    Hi Scott and Oscar.

    This episode was great! It really nailed it.

    It touched me both as a lawyer and as an entrepreneur developing software for lawyers.


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