Scott Limmer

Regardless of how you feel about the results of the 2016 Presidential election, we can learn a lot about marketing our small or solo firms from this election. When President-elect Trump launched his campaign, there were 17 other GOP candidates. He distinguished himself and rose to the top by first analyzing “Who are my voters.” Just like we talk about lawyers trying to reboot – your first step is analyzing “Who are my clients?” “Where will my business come from?” Focusing and targeting your message is clear and no one did that better than Donald Trump. The other factor is being true to yourself – be authentic. If you were to ask his voters to list three adjectives about Trump the word “authentic” would be one of them on all their lists. If you would ask Clinton voters – as much as they like her – that word would not top the list. Finally, he gave voters concrete promises of what he would deliver that resonated with his target voter. That equates with our mantra of offering value to your prospective clients. While many pundits will be analyzing this election for years to come, lawyers looking to develop or reboot their practices would do well to learn the lessons of the 2016 electoral season

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